Hey guys – sorry about this- The game is on Saturday, not Sunday… I don’t know how i managed to mess that up…. I’m an idiot most of the time..
Anyway – yes – westmount park – SATURDAY at 17h
See you then

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The Great Choose Your Own MANHUNT… Part II

The Great Choose Your Own MANHUNT… Part II
The people have spoken, and they have said “WESTMOUNT, WESTMOUNT, WESTMOUNT”. It was mildly creepy, and only reinforcing my theory that Westmount is secretly ruling the world. And so, with great pleasure I announce our next event:
When: August 17th, 17h.
Where: WESTMOUNT (park), WESTMOUNT (park), WESTMOUNT (park)
Check out the map, show up, and we will chase each other around like the wild Westmount pigeon chases its prey, the humble Westmount crumb.
See you then,
-Die MANHUNT Masse

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The Great Choose-you-own-MANHUNT!

When: Sat, Aug 16th, 17h
Where: well… who can say?

What’s better than Manhunt? Well nothing, everyone knows that. But, what might be better than our normal m.o. is this: We want to have another park game this week, but we’re not sure where, so we’re turning to you guys for your opinion:

Unfortunately, McGill gave us a little bit of a hard time, as there’s construction going on all over campus. This leaves us with a couple choices for park in the downtown/plateau area:

Lafontaine Park (Green): Our usual greeny haunt
Mount Royal Park (Blue): A bit more of a foresty terrain
Laurier Park (Red): Kind of… well a mix I guess… but so is Mount Royal really
Westmount park (orange): hills and trees and ducks, oh my!

So post your vote here, on facebook, or email us before Tuesday and we’ll announce our location on Wednesday.

Until then, happy huntin’!


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So guys, here’s the deal…. Our next game is gonna be a big one – I’m moving away, the summer’s coming to a bitter end, and it’s time we show the world what a manhunt means… again…
As such we’re going to get you guys a little involved: In the next day or two we’ll be posting a survey online for you guys to pick your favourite park for our next game. (The delay is only because I’m waiting for permission from McGill to see if they’re cool with it. They’re private property and all, you see…)
So come and vote (the address will be posted in a message i’ll send), and then we shall rejoice!

Happy huntin’!
-Da Peeps!

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The Spectacularious Fantantansical Manhunt Extravalarium Re-enactment!

When: July 19th, 17h00
Where: Crescent and Rene Levesque (a.k.a. the big martini glass)
Largest Cardboard Box Ever Constructed: 10.04 m (length) x 4.02 m (width) x 2.2 m (height) (by Smurfit Kappa Van Dam Golfkarton B.V)

That’s right folks – come one, come all to this week’s super special edition of manhunt, in which we shall re-enact a very special event – the very first manhunt EVER!… have we already done this?

According to legend, it all started many years ago… or three… when the very first manhunters – our good friends Adair and Phil, collected a group of innocent people to run amok, trying to tag one another in a mystical game of hide-and-seek-tag. Since then, every other week – seasonal weather permitting – we have honoured this tradition…

And so… well you know how it goes 😉

We’ll be playing downtown right in the heart of tourist central – let’s give them a show, eh?

See you all there, and happy huntin’
The Manhunt Péeps

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Manhunt July 5th – West Plateau

WHEN: JULY 5TH, 5-630 (17H TO 18H30)

For those who didn’t make it to the street festival, and for those who did and want to do it again.
We shall venture through the streets with our orange armbands and do what Manhunters do best: run, hide and have fun.

See you there!
Robin and MaxThe Field

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La Frénésie du MANHUNT

WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 17h
WHERE: Carré St Louis, next to the gazebo (see map below)

There is a tradition in the world of MANHUNT Montreal that we like to… well… do.
Every year the St Laurent merchants’ association organizes a weekend (or two) of street fairing and terasse sangriationing on the Main, and every year we like to add a little twist to it by making sure a slight chaos reigns for just one hour on the appropriate Saturday afternoon.

The time has come for us to carry on this tradition…

Well the time hasn’t come yet, really…

But it’s coming… In fact, it will arrive in just 4 days, 17 hours, and counting… I mean I’m not counting… But there’s a thingy on my facebook profile page that is… I really just stole the time from there… I’m sorry… kinda… ok I’m over it.

So come one come all… or at least many… if everyone came we’d run out of armbands… and enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played… ok at least one way it was meant to be played… among a ridiculous crowd up the Main!

Happy Huntin’
– The MANHUNT peeps

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