Manhunt site mark II

Hello Hunters,

Well, somehow this crazy game that Adair and I introduced to Montreal has survived almost an entire year, and is about to kick off another season. This is largely thanks to miss Amy, who’s dedication to urban hunting is equaled by none! So to kick in to the new hunt, I’ve decided to take the website from early nineties to web 2.0. I hear it’s what all the kids are doing, and I am quite the child.

Welcome back people, and enjoy the hunt!


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One response to “Manhunt site mark II

  1. Randy

    Me and my friends used to play manhunt thirty years ago when we were kids growing up in Montreal in the early to mid 1970’s. We learned it from the older kids, who probably started playing in the 1960’s. This was in Pointe-Claire. The game has a long history in the city. I don’t know about your claim about introducing this game to Montreal. Maybe you’ve revived a certain variation of the game that you’ve picked up elsewhere. The way it worked for us was the kids would divide themselves into two teams, typically 3 to 8 people per team. One team would count with their eyes closed to 100. The other team would hide within a pre-defined territory. A round would end when the finder team tagged all the members of the hider team. Then the hiders would become the finders. If it took too long for the finders to find the hiders the players would get bored. To speed things up the finders would yell ”hint”. The hiders could then make a sound to help the finders locate them and so instigate a thrilling chase. Many of the homeowners in our area were hostile to the game. This was because our game wasn’t played in a public park or on city streets. The boundries were within our neighborhood and much of the hiding and chasing was done in people’s yards. So their gardens often got trampled, especially during a chase. The neighborhood was an older neighborhood hence there were alot of tall trees, and thick overgrown bushes which made for excellant hiding places.
    Our game was played year round except in the winter when deep snow made running difficult. During those snowy months the preferred games were hockey and bumper hitching (a.k.a. skitching) In the summer we also used to play a variation of manhunt on bikes which we called ”chase”. The boundries were larger (say 30 blocks) and confined to roads. The rules were the same: one team hides, one team finds. We also briefly played manhunt where the boundries were the Montreal subway system, specifically the orange line, which in the 70’s had far fewer stations then it does today. It didn’t work all that well. the boundries were too large (it took all afternoon to complete a round) and you couldn’t move between cars so you’d get trapped without hope of escape, which made the chases less interesting.

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