That’s right, Manhunt has been in Montreal for one year, give or take a few days. On top of that, it’s Manhunt afficianado and organizer, not to mention all time awesome person, Amy Luft’s birthday! So if there’s any game you’re going to play, this is the one.

We’re taking the game back to it’s roots (such as they are) and playing in Saturday the 14th of April at Carre St. Louis, corner of Prince Arthur and Laval street at 7 PM!!! Yes, it will be slightly later then usual.

Furthermore there will be a happening Luau at Ms. Lufts hawt pad to cap off the evening.

So please come and down, and join the show!

Manhunt Carre St. Louis



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3 responses to “ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Bobby K

    Um…Saturday, right?

  2. Bobby K

    Is it on saturday?

  3. manhuntmontreal

    Yep, Saturday.

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