Manhunt Descends Upon the Upper Plateau

Anarchy at Villeneuve & Hotel-de-Ville
June 9th at 5pm

Orange-armbanded infidels are preparing to take over the streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal on Saturday, wreaking havoc on local hipsters. Fun is expected to ensue. Over 20 young recruits from the mysterious Manhunt group, thought by many to be either a highly sophisticated terrorist organization or a simple-minded tribe indigenous to the garbage cans of the Ville Marie borough, will run and hide in the region’s many streets and alleyways. Pedestrians are expected to be both baffled and enthralled– at the same time!
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Guy Somebody, 43, after witnessing the mayhem at a previous game in Montreal’s Old Port. “When I saw people being chased out of an alley, I just assumed someone was being robbed. Whatever. But then I saw them both laughing hysterically, so it occurred to me these kids were a little nuts in the head. Wicked.”
Manhunt organizer Amy Luft was not available for comment, as she was busy catering to the whims of smarmy Grand Prix attendees. Her spokesperson Mike Dascal, who is running this week’s event, had this to say: “Yo peoples, Manhunt is totally, like, radical. For real, k. It’s like, uh, hide-and-seek, you know—but it’s not. Whoa. You should come, dudes. Like, seriously.”
Robin Friedman, who designated this week’s location, added, “I’ll hunt down any chumps that come near me.”
These untrustworthy Manhunters begin their reign of terror at 5pm on Saturday, June 9th at the corner of Villeneuve & Hotel-de-Ville. For rules and regulations, visit
Be afraid. Be very afraid.




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13 responses to “Manhunt Descends Upon the Upper Plateau

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