Helllloooooooooo hunters!
This is it guys. This is the big one. This will be the hunt to end all hunts. Well not literally, cuz we’ll have more, so the hunts won’t end. But this will be a big one.

We’ll be returning to home base this Saturday, July 7th, at 5:00 pm – and by “home base” I mean Carré St Louis near the ice cream vendor at the west side of the park.

We will then hide, seek, and be merry for two half-hour periods, after which we will celebrate our glory with… celebrations…

Yeah I’m actually a little sick right now, so I’m not doing to well with this write up.

But – the point is that this weekend’s gonna be a big one – I’m hoping for a turnout of at least 40 happy hunters, so tell you friends, your loved ones, your friends’ loved ones, and even their dogs. Hey you can even invite people who you don’t like and get the chance to chase them down like never before. But don’t beat them. We don’t condone beatings. At least not while you’re wearing the armband…. So just take it off first.

Oh. But no dogs allowed.

On a different note, I have a little announcement as well:
Amy, one of our Grand Mansters, would like to extend a “hello” to everyone, as well as a little explanation for her sudden disappearance. Amy, unlike the rest of us who have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon, has moved onward an upward to becoming an employee of the Montreal Gazette over most weekends. Fear not though, fellow hunters. Amy may seem to everyone else to be a mild-mannered reporter, but we all know she is actually Manhuntman!!!…. or…. Manhuntwoman!!!…. or maybe Manhuntperson!!!!!… or something.

Hopefully we will be seeing Amy every now and then when she has the chance to duck out to go “Write a story”…..

And now… I’m gonna go get soup
See y’all on Saturday

Manhunt Carre St. Louis



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  1. Robin

    carre st. louis again?

  2. Too bad we missed it!
    We were having our wedding anniversary party (seven year itch) during that time. Maybe next time!

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