Special Edition: Night Hunt

Hey hunters, how y’all doin’?
As some of you know, we were contacted by someone recently who has decided to start up a little manhunt game at night this week. The game will be played in Mount Royal park on Friday the 13th (mwahahaha!!!) at 8pm – everyone will be meeting up in the lower parking lot of Beaver Lake (see the map below).
The rules of this game will be a little bit different:
Everyone who shows up will be divided into 2 teams; the hiders and the seekers. There will be no markings separating the hiders from the seekers so be prepared for soem awesome confusion! Trust no one!
Hiders will be given to the count of 100 to scatter and hide.
If caught by a seeker the hider is taken to a designated “jail area” from which they may only be freed should a fellow hider come and tag them. Then they must run for their lives and hide again.
The hiders and seekers will switch once all hiders are captured.
1. no peaking when you are counting!
2. run fast!
3. trust no one!
4. if you are caught outside the limits you are caught… and a big fat loser! If you are outside the limits butno one sees you, you’re just a big fat loser so don’t do it!
5. No vandalism or damaging of property or people is allowed! Lets be serious, its just not cool.

Depending on how the game goes we may start up a regular night game on alternate weeks from our day game, so come let us know!

I hope to see y’all there!

Night Hunt map - July 13



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2 responses to “Special Edition: Night Hunt

  1. Brian

    Which day?

  2. Mike

    Oooooops! Friday the 13th 😉

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