Once upon a time in Chinatown…

Hellllllooooooo hunters!
So, first of all, sorry for the delay in letting y’all know what’s going on this weekend – we’ve been a little busy with various non-manhunting related affairs…

That said, here’s the plan:
Where: Chinatown (St. Laurent and Rene Levesque)
When: Saturday, July 21 at 17h.

I’m sure you are all fans of ridiculously stereotypical kung fu movies – sometimes starring not only people of Asiatic decent, but also a token non-Asian who begins by being all kindsa intolerant but eventually “will learn that not all martial arts were developed on Mars” or some other shit that movie guy always says in the trailers. Or not.

Anyway, the Chinatown hunt will be nothing like those movies. Well, except for the awesome drop kicks… or at least the impressive wall runs… ok maybe just the whole running around thing.

The point is that we’ll be hunting each other down like Jackie Chan hunts down a good pork bun – So be there or be…. Absent.

See y’all on Sat
-Mella… or Ellike… or just Mike and Ella. 😛

A map of china…town.



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4 responses to “Once upon a time in Chinatown…

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