Ghetto Huntin’

When, where, who, how, etc: Sat, Sept 15, 5pm, Milton and University. Booya!

That’s right kids – it’s ‘back to school’ time, so we’ll be returning to one of our favourite huntin’ grounds this week – the McGill Ghetto. Don’t miss the chance to confuse all the students as we run around in ways that would have put a smile even on Nietzsche’s face, get caught in ways that only further validate Darwin, and try desperately try to find ways to prove Einstein wrong… the first one to break the speed of light will also win a super prize!! (Ok I’m lying – you’ll just win the game).

We’ll be meeting up inside the Milton gates at the corner of Milton and University (playing just outside, but it’s a good meeting spot). Bring your friends, bring your professors, bring your dogs, brings your dogs’ professors…. But not you dogs’ professors’ friends…. Dogs actually can’t play – we’ve covered this before….

See y’all there

The Map


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