Getting back at school hunt….

Where: Du Fort and Rene Levesque
When: Sat Sept 29th – **3:00 pm**
Why: Because ther is no better way to spend a Saturday..

So what have we learned so far this semester? That school sucks the life out of you. Ug.
As such, I think it’s time to get back *at* school (that is, instead of ‘to’ it) through the disrespect of turning a scholarly neighbourhood into the playing field of a game that appeals to nothing but the animal urge to run around an catch things. That’s right – instead of thinking about the required acceleration to meet or exceed the veolcity of the massive body which you’re trying to run towards or from, we’ll just do it in the Concordia ghetto…


By playing earlier in the day, our great leader Amy can come and show us all who’s boss…. oh and y’all should call her by her new name – Craka’ Jack – she’ll love it 😉

See you there and happy huntin,



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