Halloween ManHaunt!

Because nothing’s scarier than…. Us.

When: Sat, Oct 27, 17h.
Where: Carre St Louis (Near the Ice Cream Stand)
Who: The ghost of manhunt past, manhunt present, and manhunt future… ooOOoo!!!
How: In costume, perhaps?

And finally, why:
Well there’s never really a good reason why, is there? But that doesn’t mean that manhunt is pointless – in fact this is your perfect opportunity to practise for Halloween night. You see, Halloween is about many things, but it’s mostly about running – running to catch up to the children, running away from he children with their candy, running from the cops who see you take the children’s candy, and finally, running home to eat the children’s candy. It only makes sense then that we should practice all together for this lovely family-oriented festivity through chasing each other down like ghost dogs….

Due to lack of response for the Oct 31st ManHaunt, we’ll have our Halloween edition on Saturday, as usual. This means that anyone who arrives in costume will get a free armband to use for the duration of the game! Be dressed as your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or perhaps… um… I dunno… a cat. Oh, just don’t be a Ghostbuster – it’s so 2006.

Finally, due to later and later arrivals, the last one who gets there may be forced to be a hunter…. Mwahahahahahahaha!!!


The Map… oooOOOOoooooo


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