The countdown has begun!!

Happy Winter hunters!

I have some good news and some bad news… and some news… that’s really neither good nor bad.
The good news:
(1) As St Patty’s day approaches, we’re getting closer and closer to our season opening! As tradition dictates, on the day of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and manhunting, we’ll dust off the running shoes that have sat in our closets all winter, fill a flask of whisky, and combine two of the greatest things in this world: Chasing people and drinking alcohol. If we’re successful, we’ll then moving on chasing alcohol and drinking people.
… … … Manhunt does not condone drinking people….

(2) To practise for the season, and to get our of the cold a little bit, our good friend Robyn (yea!!!!) has organizied an underground city scavanger hunt:

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 9, 3pm-5pm
WHERE: Top floor (Niveau Cinéma) of the Eaton Centre, McGill metro
HOW: Sign in when you arrive at the checkpoint with your team name and members (up to three). This is a free, all ages event


Do not leave the underground city. You are using the honor system.
You will need:
a bag
a bit of money (no more than 5$)
something to take pictures with (a camera phone is OK)
something to tell time with
Time – You have from when we release you until 5:10 on the judges’ timepiece (official time). If your entire team is not back by then, only what has arrived will be counted.
Points will be awarded once per team for each item on the list brought to the finish.
Judges’ decisions are final

That’s actually it for now. I totally lied about the other news… …

Actually: This just in!! The Spice Girls tour has been cut short.


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