Manhunt, Irish style!

Sunday, March 16th
11:00 AM (you can do it!)
Meeting point: Rene-Levesque & Crescent
Boundaries: Rene-Levesque to Ste-Catherine, Bishop to de la Montagne

Beware Hunters,

There is madness on the streets, and St Patrick is trying to drive us away with the snakes, using floats and whiskey along with his (bag)pipes to do the trick. Amongst ourselves however, there is a greater danger, as we begin the hunt once more in 6foot snowdrifts and nothing to warm our bellies but sweet sweet alcohol, and mortal terror.

Once again we shall adorn the familiar orange, we meet on Rene-Levesque & Crescent, right before the parade. I, LePhil, shall be your host, and the games will begin sharply(unlikely) at 11am. Bring some refreshments, your lovely selves, winter gear, and above all: your friends and sense of fun!

Good hunting,



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One response to “Manhunt, Irish style!

  1. Alain

    I’m a veteran manhunter from Toronto who moved up here for school. I look forward to manhunting it up Montreal style!

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