Where: McGill Milton Gates – University and Milton
When: Saturday, April 12, 17h00

Apologies, hunters, for the late invite, but gods of academe have been relentless with me over the past little while, performing acts which, if described herein, would give this letter an R rating for violence AND sexual acts…. However, this will not stop the hunt!

We will be gathering at the Milton Gates for a McGill Ghetto game – if only to show the very gods who have wronged me what we think of their world. Come students, ex-students, professors, and deans to run and hunt each other down like freshman as we say farewell to the classes that have haunted so many over the years past!
Happy Huntin!
-The peeps.

Da map! Da map!


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One response to “LAST MINUTE MANHUNT

  1. Cam

    Uh, just a heads up. Apparently there’s been some reports of people being attacked in the McGill Ghetto area. So at the least, be careful :/

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