Did someone say MANHUNT??

Putting the ‘ban’ back in ‘urban’ since 2006… but not really…

WHEN: The BIGGEST MANHUNT EVER (in 2008, so far)
WHEN: April 26, 5pm (not this Saturday, but the next one)
WHERE: Carré St-Louis (home game!)

Are y’all ready for the most manhuntiest manhunt in manhunt history? The most mind-gaming, person-chasing, orange arm band-blazing pandemonium to ever hit the streets of Montreal?

… no, you probably aren’t… but you can come anyway.

You, and all your friends, are personally invited to join one of the most … how about “ruckusorious” (it’s a word now!) events in Montreal – The largest manhunt EVER (in 2008, so far). The game will be held in the lower plateau on April 26th at 5pm – we’ll be meeting in front of the gazebo in Carré St-Louis right across from Sherbrooke metro, right where manhunt began. There will probably even be a CTV crew coming by to film (for riilzzz!!), so look for the cameras and the orange armbands, and be ready to hunt like you’ve never hunted before… well unless you’ve played before in which case be ready to hunt like you did that time… only more!

And this week only – winners will receive a firm handshake and pat on the back if so desired. Ok, maybe this happens everyweek, but this time it will be with *love* 😀
(I’ll be sending out another invite closer to the 26th to remind everyone)

One last thing before we go – would anyone else be into making some t-shirts? I was thinking something orange (of course!), with maybe our logo? Anyone who’s into it let me know and maybe we can throw some ideas around. We can probably also get a pretty good price if we’re a bunch of people.

Until then, happy huntin’
-Manhunt Peeps


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