Where: The Old Port! Meet in front of the Centaur Theatre – 453 St François Xavier, south of Notre Dame O. (Closest metro: Places-d’Armes)

When: Sat, May 10th, 17h00

Who: More than 50 people ready to run around the streets like a bunch of rabid chipmunks with roid rage!!

This one is gonna be short and sweet guys – the invite not the game, that is. We’ve got a HUGE crew that’s joined our ranks thanks to our little CTV appearance, so this Saturday we’re looking at record numbers…. (boo-yah!) We’ll be playing on May 10th in the old port – we figured we’d hit up the area this year before the tourists made it a little too difficult – not to mention wedding photo shoots for those of you who were there last year 😉

We’ll meet up in front of the Centaur Theatre (453 St François Xavier ) – just follow the map… and if you can’t follow the map… then you’re not allowed to play… or at least you don’t deserve to 😛
See you guys there, and happy huntin!

-Da Manhunt Peeps

Click this to go to google maps for an interactive version



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  1. Posted some pictures in the flickr Montreal Manhunt group at this address;

    Enjoy all and thanks for a great afternoon and hunt.

  2. Robin F

    did someone lose a beige sweater?

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