When: Sat, May 24, 17h00
Where: Place des Arts – right on the steps
Why: ….. why not?

For all the new people who have recently joined our ranks, there is a little tradition that Montreal has every year to show respect to the Manhunter of our little town. First, certain individuals are specially selected based on how many patches they have on their jacket. Those with the most and the biggest patches are allowed then to re-enact the game in car-form in what we call the “Grand Prix”, which is French for “Manhunt”.
This year, the Grand Prix will be taking place in two weeks, which means that means that this week, on May 24th, will be the pregrandprix Manhunt game. Perhaps the most important game of the season, it is reported that you should “be there” or you may “be square”.

We’ll be playing aroud PdesA, and we’ll meet right on the steps facing St Cat’s. (See the map below)

Till then, happy huntin’
– Manhunt Peeps comma The

A map!


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