MANHUNT: Park Edition

Hello hunters!
Quick info:
When: 20h15, June 7, 2008
Where: Parc Lafontaine (Meet at the bridge in the middle)
Highest jump by a pig ever recorded: 27.5” (by Kotetsu)

Apologies for the slightly late invite – my time was split upon my landlord demanding of me a most heinous… umm… thing.… I had to clean my basement… and that is *not* a euphemism.

Anyway – back to the topic at hand, which is this weekend’s super awesome fantastic version of MANHUNT. This week, and this week alone… and maybe another week later… we will be playing our favourite game in PARC LAFONTAINE.

That’s right – you read me correctly: it’s time for

MANHUNT: in which a large number of adults run around trying to catch each other while onlookers watch with both fear and arousal.

We’ll be playing the game a little bit later this week, mainly to allow us to enjoy a little bit of the dark. The sun will be setting at 20:40, so let’s meet at 20h15 (which translated to 8:15pm in American :P) – we’ll have one game in the sun and one in the not sun.

And finally, just to make things all worthwhile, upon completion of said game we shall drink to the gods of MANHUNT, whoever they may be, at the Quincaillrie, which may or may not be the correct name of a bar that may be found on Rachel near the Park (and is highly recommended by Amy, who is almost certainly one of the gods to whom we will be drinking).

À Samedi! (which translates to “Until Saturday” in American)

Oh – our map is now 1nt0Ract1v3. This means that anyone from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can see where it is… We’re just one step closer to becoming an olympic sport!
(Trasnlation: I’m totally procrastinating now….)

MANHUNT, Peeps, The



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