La Frénésie du MANHUNT

WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 17h
WHERE: Carré St Louis, next to the gazebo (see map below)

There is a tradition in the world of MANHUNT Montreal that we like to… well… do.
Every year the St Laurent merchants’ association organizes a weekend (or two) of street fairing and terasse sangriationing on the Main, and every year we like to add a little twist to it by making sure a slight chaos reigns for just one hour on the appropriate Saturday afternoon.

The time has come for us to carry on this tradition…

Well the time hasn’t come yet, really…

But it’s coming… In fact, it will arrive in just 4 days, 17 hours, and counting… I mean I’m not counting… But there’s a thingy on my facebook profile page that is… I really just stole the time from there… I’m sorry… kinda… ok I’m over it.

So come one come all… or at least many… if everyone came we’d run out of armbands… and enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played… ok at least one way it was meant to be played… among a ridiculous crowd up the Main!

Happy Huntin’
– The MANHUNT peeps


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