The Great Choose-you-own-MANHUNT!

When: Sat, Aug 16th, 17h
Where: well… who can say?

What’s better than Manhunt? Well nothing, everyone knows that. But, what might be better than our normal m.o. is this: We want to have another park game this week, but we’re not sure where, so we’re turning to you guys for your opinion:

Unfortunately, McGill gave us a little bit of a hard time, as there’s construction going on all over campus. This leaves us with a couple choices for park in the downtown/plateau area:

Lafontaine Park (Green): Our usual greeny haunt
Mount Royal Park (Blue): A bit more of a foresty terrain
Laurier Park (Red): Kind of… well a mix I guess… but so is Mount Royal really
Westmount park (orange): hills and trees and ducks, oh my!

So post your vote here, on facebook, or email us before Tuesday and we’ll announce our location on Wednesday.

Until then, happy huntin’!



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3 responses to “The Great Choose-you-own-MANHUNT!

  1. Kristin

    I vote Westmount. I don’t think we’ve ever done that one before.(or if so, it was just a LONG time ago)

  2. I vote Laurier but my preference isn’t very strong.

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