Manhunt is the worlds fastest growing urban sport, apart from all the others. It’s a delightful combination of tag and hide and seek set in the city sprinkled with hobos, broken glass and confused cops.There is no age limit to the game, although most participants tend to be either university students or young professionals. It is open to everyone, we love meeting new people, whether they become die hard hunters, or are just there for that one game.The game is FREE, and will remain so! It will also remain free of any kind of sponsorship or advertising. While there are some costs associated with keeping the game going, we do not ask anyone to help financially, only hope that those who enjoy the hunt enough will occasionally pitch in.

This game is set in an urban environment to take back space. Too much of the city is privately owned, and the parks are overflowing with people. Playing fields are ‘reserved’ for teams, and the rest of the areas are too crowded for any kind of physical activity. More and more it seems that if we are to get any exercise we need a gym membership, which in itself isn’t that cheap. Manhunt is played in public areas and allows us to get acquainted in the place that we live, explore alleyways that would ordinarily remain dark and mysterious, and promote fun healthy activity in the cities that we love.


Amy Hiding

Media Coverage

Montreal Mirror

The Hour

The Gazette (which of course being a huge money making paper, can’t afford a website as decent as the free papers. Therefore, the link is to a picture of the Gazette.)

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