Game Rules

This is a game of hide and seek – much like the game of cops and robbers you may have played as a child:

  1. All players receive a highly visible ARMBAND which they wear on their right arm. This is so that you don’t confuse players with pedestrians. Attacking pedestrians is an automatic OUT of the game. (Even though we may slap you on the back later. That’s your own business.)
  2. Everybody is given two minutes to hide, be it behind garbage dumps, in the trees or inside the Square St. Louis’ fountain with your brother Jimmy’s scuba gear.
  3. There is a chosen hunter – it is his or her job to find your sorry ass.
  4. Once he or she grabs onto your sorry ass – firmly, but not sexually (it is important that it is not sexual, that is a completely different game) –you become one of the hunters.
  5. You can hide for a total of 30 minutes. After that everyone must return to the rendezvous point.
  6. Important: Should you be chased or run out of the designated area, you become one of the hunters! STAY INSIDE.
  7. Going inside stores, restaurants, cafes or any area that is not within the public sector is prohibited. This is an outdoor event, and not only is hiding inside like a mangy dog completely dishonorable, it will also have a number of shop owners playing their own game of ‘catch those armbanded infidels!’
  8. The winners are allowed to strut as if they were James Bond or Nancy Drew. Suits and patterned dresses are allowed.The rules are fairly simple. It’s not rocket science. If you want to strategize with other hunters or huntees it is up to you. It is a game of skill, of athleticism and honor.

One response to “Game Rules

  1. Stacey

    St Paddy’s day is next week! Need some details about the manhunt!!! What’s the scoop??

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