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Manhunt July 5th – West Plateau

WHEN: JULY 5TH, 5-630 (17H TO 18H30)

For those who didn’t make it to the street festival, and for those who did and want to do it again.
We shall venture through the streets with our orange armbands and do what Manhunters do best: run, hide and have fun.

See you there!
Robin and MaxThe Field


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MANHUNT: Park Edition

Hello hunters!
Quick info:
When: 20h15, June 7, 2008
Where: Parc Lafontaine (Meet at the bridge in the middle)
Highest jump by a pig ever recorded: 27.5” (by Kotetsu)

Apologies for the slightly late invite – my time was split upon my landlord demanding of me a most heinous… umm… thing.… I had to clean my basement… and that is *not* a euphemism.

Anyway – back to the topic at hand, which is this weekend’s super awesome fantastic version of MANHUNT. This week, and this week alone… and maybe another week later… we will be playing our favourite game in PARC LAFONTAINE.

That’s right – you read me correctly: it’s time for

MANHUNT: in which a large number of adults run around trying to catch each other while onlookers watch with both fear and arousal.

We’ll be playing the game a little bit later this week, mainly to allow us to enjoy a little bit of the dark. The sun will be setting at 20:40, so let’s meet at 20h15 (which translated to 8:15pm in American :P) – we’ll have one game in the sun and one in the not sun.

And finally, just to make things all worthwhile, upon completion of said game we shall drink to the gods of MANHUNT, whoever they may be, at the Quincaillrie, which may or may not be the correct name of a bar that may be found on Rachel near the Park (and is highly recommended by Amy, who is almost certainly one of the gods to whom we will be drinking).

À Samedi! (which translates to “Until Saturday” in American)

Oh – our map is now 1nt0Ract1v3. This means that anyone from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can see where it is… We’re just one step closer to becoming an olympic sport!
(Trasnlation: I’m totally procrastinating now….)

MANHUNT, Peeps, The


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When: Sat, May 24, 17h00
Where: Place des Arts – right on the steps
Why: ….. why not?

For all the new people who have recently joined our ranks, there is a little tradition that Montreal has every year to show respect to the Manhunter of our little town. First, certain individuals are specially selected based on how many patches they have on their jacket. Those with the most and the biggest patches are allowed then to re-enact the game in car-form in what we call the “Grand Prix”, which is French for “Manhunt”.
This year, the Grand Prix will be taking place in two weeks, which means that means that this week, on May 24th, will be the pregrandprix Manhunt game. Perhaps the most important game of the season, it is reported that you should “be there” or you may “be square”.

We’ll be playing aroud PdesA, and we’ll meet right on the steps facing St Cat’s. (See the map below)

Till then, happy huntin’
– Manhunt Peeps comma The

A map!

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Halloween ManHaunt!

Because nothing’s scarier than…. Us.

When: Sat, Oct 27, 17h.
Where: Carre St Louis (Near the Ice Cream Stand)
Who: The ghost of manhunt past, manhunt present, and manhunt future… ooOOoo!!!
How: In costume, perhaps?

And finally, why:
Well there’s never really a good reason why, is there? But that doesn’t mean that manhunt is pointless – in fact this is your perfect opportunity to practise for Halloween night. You see, Halloween is about many things, but it’s mostly about running – running to catch up to the children, running away from he children with their candy, running from the cops who see you take the children’s candy, and finally, running home to eat the children’s candy. It only makes sense then that we should practice all together for this lovely family-oriented festivity through chasing each other down like ghost dogs….

Due to lack of response for the Oct 31st ManHaunt, we’ll have our Halloween edition on Saturday, as usual. This means that anyone who arrives in costume will get a free armband to use for the duration of the game! Be dressed as your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or perhaps… um… I dunno… a cat. Oh, just don’t be a Ghostbuster – it’s so 2006.

Finally, due to later and later arrivals, the last one who gets there may be forced to be a hunter…. Mwahahahahahahaha!!!


The Map… oooOOOOoooooo

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Getting back at school hunt….

Where: Du Fort and Rene Levesque
When: Sat Sept 29th – **3:00 pm**
Why: Because ther is no better way to spend a Saturday..

So what have we learned so far this semester? That school sucks the life out of you. Ug.
As such, I think it’s time to get back *at* school (that is, instead of ‘to’ it) through the disrespect of turning a scholarly neighbourhood into the playing field of a game that appeals to nothing but the animal urge to run around an catch things. That’s right – instead of thinking about the required acceleration to meet or exceed the veolcity of the massive body which you’re trying to run towards or from, we’ll just do it in the Concordia ghetto…


By playing earlier in the day, our great leader Amy can come and show us all who’s boss…. oh and y’all should call her by her new name – Craka’ Jack – she’ll love it 😉

See you there and happy huntin,


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The Manhunt for Labour. (With a “u”.)

When: Sat, Sept 1, 17h.
Where: Duluth and StDenis
What: The most laborious (without a “u”) way to celebrate the Labour Day weekend.

After a brief hiatus, during which I know you all were probably crying yourselves to sleep because I was gone… well I mean at least I was… I’m back! And by “I”, I of course mean Mike, not Mikella, because Mikella is always there. There is a story in fact:
One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with Mikella.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene he noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand: one belonging
to him, and the other to Mikella.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times along the path of
his life there was only one set of footprints.
This really bothered him and he
questioned Mikella about it.
Mikella responded:
“My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you.
However, it’s really not my problem if you can’t keep up with me and my mad manhuntin’ skizzizles!.”
Anyway – This Saturday, Sept 1 at 17h – be there or be… left in the sand. (Ouch. That was really bad, eh?)

The Mappp!

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Ye Olde Manhunte

Where: De La Commune and Pl. Jacque Cartier
When: Sat., Aug. 4, 5 pm
What: Runnin around the old port like fur running from the fur-traders. Not the animals, just the fur.

This Saturday we will celebrate the lovely city of Montreal by playing in one of the oldest parts of the city. Coincidentally, this is also where the city was founded! And so we will enjoy all that is the original Montreal through the traditional running around and chasing each other, which dates back to the original landing of the French ships back in…umm… 16… umm… in… history. As legend has it, when they landed in the bitter January winter, they all ran around for hours trying to figure out who had directed them to what was clearly a Godforsaken climate.

So come and play to remember the hardships our founders went through, and then, we shall rejoice.
Happy huntin’
A map

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