MANHUNT: Park Edition

Hello hunters!
Quick info:
When: 20h15, June 7, 2008
Where: Parc Lafontaine (Meet at the bridge in the middle)
Highest jump by a pig ever recorded: 27.5” (by Kotetsu)

Apologies for the slightly late invite – my time was split upon my landlord demanding of me a most heinous… umm… thing.… I had to clean my basement… and that is *not* a euphemism.

Anyway – back to the topic at hand, which is this weekend’s super awesome fantastic version of MANHUNT. This week, and this week alone… and maybe another week later… we will be playing our favourite game in PARC LAFONTAINE.

That’s right – you read me correctly: it’s time for

MANHUNT: in which a large number of adults run around trying to catch each other while onlookers watch with both fear and arousal.

We’ll be playing the game a little bit later this week, mainly to allow us to enjoy a little bit of the dark. The sun will be setting at 20:40, so let’s meet at 20h15 (which translated to 8:15pm in American :P) – we’ll have one game in the sun and one in the not sun.

And finally, just to make things all worthwhile, upon completion of said game we shall drink to the gods of MANHUNT, whoever they may be, at the Quincaillrie, which may or may not be the correct name of a bar that may be found on Rachel near the Park (and is highly recommended by Amy, who is almost certainly one of the gods to whom we will be drinking).

À Samedi! (which translates to “Until Saturday” in American)

Oh – our map is now 1nt0Ract1v3. This means that anyone from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can see where it is… We’re just one step closer to becoming an olympic sport!
(Trasnlation: I’m totally procrastinating now….)

MANHUNT, Peeps, The



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When: Sat, May 24, 17h00
Where: Place des Arts – right on the steps
Why: ….. why not?

For all the new people who have recently joined our ranks, there is a little tradition that Montreal has every year to show respect to the Manhunter of our little town. First, certain individuals are specially selected based on how many patches they have on their jacket. Those with the most and the biggest patches are allowed then to re-enact the game in car-form in what we call the “Grand Prix”, which is French for “Manhunt”.
This year, the Grand Prix will be taking place in two weeks, which means that means that this week, on May 24th, will be the pregrandprix Manhunt game. Perhaps the most important game of the season, it is reported that you should “be there” or you may “be square”.

We’ll be playing aroud PdesA, and we’ll meet right on the steps facing St Cat’s. (See the map below)

Till then, happy huntin’
– Manhunt Peeps comma The

A map!

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Where: The Old Port! Meet in front of the Centaur Theatre – 453 St François Xavier, south of Notre Dame O. (Closest metro: Places-d’Armes)

When: Sat, May 10th, 17h00

Who: More than 50 people ready to run around the streets like a bunch of rabid chipmunks with roid rage!!

This one is gonna be short and sweet guys – the invite not the game, that is. We’ve got a HUGE crew that’s joined our ranks thanks to our little CTV appearance, so this Saturday we’re looking at record numbers…. (boo-yah!) We’ll be playing on May 10th in the old port – we figured we’d hit up the area this year before the tourists made it a little too difficult – not to mention wedding photo shoots for those of you who were there last year 😉

We’ll meet up in front of the Centaur Theatre (453 St François Xavier ) – just follow the map… and if you can’t follow the map… then you’re not allowed to play… or at least you don’t deserve to 😛
See you guys there, and happy huntin!

-Da Manhunt Peeps

Click this to go to google maps for an interactive version


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Manhunt Madness!

So the CTV segment appears on the news today! Check out the news at 6 for your very own 15 minutes!… well… or 3…

Also – for anyone here for info about the game – our next hunt will be on May 10th, and it’s location will be posted by the end of this weekend. If you’d like, write to and we can add you to the mailing list. You can also join our facebook group “Manhunt Montreal“.

If you have any siggestions for locations feel free to post them or send us an email and we’ll see what we can do. Keep in mind that the closer it is to downtown the more people usually can come.

Thanks, and welcome,
-The Manhunt Peeps

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Did someone say MANHUNT??

Putting the ‘ban’ back in ‘urban’ since 2006… but not really…

WHEN: The BIGGEST MANHUNT EVER (in 2008, so far)
WHEN: April 26, 5pm (not this Saturday, but the next one)
WHERE: Carré St-Louis (home game!)

Are y’all ready for the most manhuntiest manhunt in manhunt history? The most mind-gaming, person-chasing, orange arm band-blazing pandemonium to ever hit the streets of Montreal?

… no, you probably aren’t… but you can come anyway.

You, and all your friends, are personally invited to join one of the most … how about “ruckusorious” (it’s a word now!) events in Montreal – The largest manhunt EVER (in 2008, so far). The game will be held in the lower plateau on April 26th at 5pm – we’ll be meeting in front of the gazebo in Carré St-Louis right across from Sherbrooke metro, right where manhunt began. There will probably even be a CTV crew coming by to film (for riilzzz!!), so look for the cameras and the orange armbands, and be ready to hunt like you’ve never hunted before… well unless you’ve played before in which case be ready to hunt like you did that time… only more!

And this week only – winners will receive a firm handshake and pat on the back if so desired. Ok, maybe this happens everyweek, but this time it will be with *love* 😀
(I’ll be sending out another invite closer to the 26th to remind everyone)

One last thing before we go – would anyone else be into making some t-shirts? I was thinking something orange (of course!), with maybe our logo? Anyone who’s into it let me know and maybe we can throw some ideas around. We can probably also get a pretty good price if we’re a bunch of people.

Until then, happy huntin’
-Manhunt Peeps

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Where: McGill Milton Gates – University and Milton
When: Saturday, April 12, 17h00

Apologies, hunters, for the late invite, but gods of academe have been relentless with me over the past little while, performing acts which, if described herein, would give this letter an R rating for violence AND sexual acts…. However, this will not stop the hunt!

We will be gathering at the Milton Gates for a McGill Ghetto game – if only to show the very gods who have wronged me what we think of their world. Come students, ex-students, professors, and deans to run and hunt each other down like freshman as we say farewell to the classes that have haunted so many over the years past!
Happy Huntin!
-The peeps.

Da map! Da map!

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Manhunt, Irish style!

Sunday, March 16th
11:00 AM (you can do it!)
Meeting point: Rene-Levesque & Crescent
Boundaries: Rene-Levesque to Ste-Catherine, Bishop to de la Montagne

Beware Hunters,

There is madness on the streets, and St Patrick is trying to drive us away with the snakes, using floats and whiskey along with his (bag)pipes to do the trick. Amongst ourselves however, there is a greater danger, as we begin the hunt once more in 6foot snowdrifts and nothing to warm our bellies but sweet sweet alcohol, and mortal terror.

Once again we shall adorn the familiar orange, we meet on Rene-Levesque & Crescent, right before the parade. I, LePhil, shall be your host, and the games will begin sharply(unlikely) at 11am. Bring some refreshments, your lovely selves, winter gear, and above all: your friends and sense of fun!

Good hunting,


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